Established in 1965, TSA is a 100% Australian-owned company spanning over three generations, firmly established in family values and a commitment to our employees, customers, and global partners.

Commitment to Staff Wellbeing and Development:

We prioritize our greatest asset—our employees and our team. Our dedication to fostering a healthy work environment, emphasizing staff health, well-being, education, and personal development, forms the cornerstone of our culture.

Certification AS/NZ ISO 9001 – 2016

As an ISO 9001 Certified company, we uphold stringent policies and procedures, ensuring the delivery of quality services while maintaining a workplace that promotes wellbeing and excellence.

Certification: Australian Trusted Trader

Certified as an “Australian Trusted Trader” by the Australian Border Force. This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to border security, compliance, accuracy, social responsibility, and maintaining the highest level of business standards.

Industry Committed: Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia.

Proudly a Patron member of the “Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia”, demonstrating our commitment to contributing to a sustainable and long-term industry for future generations to come.

Customer and Staff Care:

Our ethos revolves around unwavering care for our customers and employees. We prioritize customer satisfaction through attentive service, while ensuring our staff feel valued, respected, and supported, both professional and personally.

Sustainable Practices and Environmental Responsibility:

Above all else, we are committed to sustainable business practices, adhering to legal compliance and environmental sustainability. Our business activities are designed to set industry benchmarks, demonstrating professionalism and responsibility.

Focus on Education, Awareness, and Ethical Conduct:

We believe in continuous education and increased industry awareness. Our business prioritizes ethical conduct, placing morals and performance ahead of profits, and fostering long-term partnerships built on trust.

Long-term Results and Stakeholder Interests:

We focus on achieving enduring results and safeguarding the interests of the environment, global partners, and stakeholders. Our approach emphasizes sustainable activities that preserve our planet and nurture long-term partnerships.

At TSA we stand by these principles, integrating them into our daily operations and interactions.

They define who we are, how we operate, and the legacy we aim to leave for future generations.